Linda Kammins

E06 Your Hair is a Garden: Bio Harmonic Hair Dresser Linda Kammins

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Repelled by the toxins involved in traditional shampoo and hair color, Linda Kammins learned about biochemistry and created her own unique bio harmonic hair and skincare products. She considers hair as a garden, and tells us why we shouldn’t wash our hair too often, the perfect brush to use and why you should cut your […]

Cathey Painter

E05 Foundations for Health and Anti-Aging: Naturopath Cathey Painter

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When Cathey Painter’s husband was diagnosed with Stage 3 prostate cancer, she relentlessly researched and pursued natural cures and protocols while waiting for an appointment with a surgeon. After her husband started to feel better, they decided to go the natural route and a year and half later, not only was he completely free of […]