Heal Documentary

E30 HEAL Documentary Creator Kelly Noonan Gores

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Sheila’s guest is Director, Writer and Producer, Kelly Noonan Gores who started her production company in 2012 with the intention to create conscious media that informs, inspires and empowers. Her latest documentary, HEAL, takes us on a scientific and spiritual journey where we discover that our thoughts, beliefs and emotions have a huge impact on […]

E24 Generation Zapped! Health Risks and Solutions to EMF Exposure with Dr. Sherrill Sellman

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Sheila’s guest is Dr. Sherrill Sellman; a naturopathic doctor, author, and international lecturer who talks about the health risks of exposure to Electro Magnetic Frequencies – or EMF’s. Like cigarettes and the toxic chemicals before it, emerging science is revealing the concerning reality that some people may suffer health impacts from radiation from wireless devices. […]

Cathey Painter

E05 Foundations for Health and Anti-Aging: Naturopath Cathey Painter

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When Cathey Painter’s husband was diagnosed with Stage 3 prostate cancer, she relentlessly researched and pursued natural cures and protocols while waiting for an appointment with a surgeon. After her husband started to feel better, they decided to go the natural route and a year and half later, not only was he completely free of […]