E21 Meet the Millennials: Part 2 of 3 – Bridging the Gap Between Life and Death with Jessie Kavanaugh

In this episode of the Meet the Millenials series, Sheila talks to one of her son Michael’s good friends, Jessie Kavanaugh. Jessie relates a very moving story of losing her father to brain cancer and how that brought her into deep clarity and presence during the time she had with him before he passed away. She recounts how witnessing first hand how fragile life can be opened her eyes to find and follow her true calling and always live in your highest excitement. Through this experience and her work with a healer, Jessie’s path ultimately lead her to what she is currently working on, attaining a Spiritual Psychology Certificate from the University of Santa Monica, so that she can facilitate others to live their true authentic lives and help them through difficult times.

Jessie magic coffee recipe:
Meditation in a Cup
Boyd’s Organic Coffee
1 TBSP Sunpotion Tocos
1 TBSP Sunfood Maca
½ TSP Sunpotion Reishi
Dash of Cinnamon

Favorite Sound: Quartz Singing Bowls
Favorite Memory: Sunrise set by Pumpkin at the Unicorn at Burning Man
Favorite Place: Camping in her awesome tent!
Most Woo-Woo Moment: Coming out of her body and giving birth to herself at a healing session. (Jessie’s website Coming Soon!)
Instagram: @jkavanaughty

Jessie Kavanaugh