Woo Woo

E13 Pink Fuzzy Slippers: 2017 Woo-Woo Round-up

Sheila and producer Tim Edwards take a look back at Season 1 of the podcast and celebrate Sheila’s birthday and the start of 2018. Tim gives Sheila a very special gift that is the perfect memento! Sheila reveals what to expect in Season 2 which will be starting off with a Life Coach Series that explores the different types of Life Coaches and how each one has a unique approach, as well as an interview with No Small Children drummer Nicola Berlinsky, exploration of Osteopathy, Chiropractic work, Pilates, how EMFs (Electro Magnetic Frequencies) are affecting us and what to do about it, plus health adventures with Lisa May, introducing The Millenials and much more. The episode ends with a montage of Season 1’s best Woo-Woo moments. Join us as we continue to Explore, Enlighten and Evolve in 2018!

Fuzzy Slippers