E37 Create Your Fate! Catherine Gray’s 360Karma

Sheila’s guest is Producer, Author and Speaker Catherine Gray.  She is the creator of 360Karma productions a membership platform that inspires women to “create their fate” through workshops, an entrepreneurial pitchfest called “She Angels” networking events and her weekly talk show “Live Love Thrive” where she interviews inspiring guests.  Through everything she does, Catherine’s mission is to empower women to find their passions and live full happy lives of doing what they love. Early in her career, Catherine produced a groundbreaking documentary film about gay marriage “I Can’t Marry You”.  The film was widely received and celebrated in the LGBTQ community and is now a piece of history as gay marriage is now legal in more places every year.  Catherine recently married her long time partner, something she didn’t think would ever be possible in her lifetime, and continues to promote and inspire women everywhere to become their unique and authentic selves and achieve their dreams.