E38 Getting By Is Not. Financial Counselor Lisa Gould

In this episode we are sharing some “practical woo-woo” with Certified Financial Counselor Lisa Gould. Lisa tells her own story of going from being a “Balance Transfer Queen” who was over $200,000 in debt, to her successful career as a financial counselor who believes that no matter where we are, we can get ourselves to a better place financially, have what we want, sleep at night without worry and say ‘I got this!’

Whether you are a business owner or just want to know how to manage your family finances Lisa can help. She does Individual and Couples Coaching, Workshops, Small Business Consulting and Financial Interventions. Lisa specializes in working with fluctuating income streams, she expertly blends the best of traditional and long established money management tools and ideas and processes for entrepreneurs, business owners and creative professionals. Lisa revolutionizes her clients’ beliefs and behaviors around money, finances and relationships. She provides a fresh, modern approach to the possibilities of money.

Lisa Gould - Financial Counselor