E43 Food Prep School with Health Coach Diana Hufford

In this episode we’re going back to Prep School – Food Prep School that is!  If you’ve ever tried to change your eating habits, whether it be to lose weight, or just get healthier – you most likely realize how important it is to prep your food, and also how difficult it can be to sustain.  Sheila’s guest is Diana Hufford, a certified Personal Trainer and Health & Wellness Coach who helps people live healthier, happier and more balanced lives.  Diana offers her Ten Time Saving Tips for Meal Prepping including tips on kitchen gadgets, some great shortcuts, choosing your meal prep days, the importance of snacks, and much more.

Get in touch with Diana on her website and get a free gift up to a $98 value, with registration for Diana’s clean eating program.  You can download Diana’s Ten Time Saving Tips for Meal Prepping on her website too.

Diana Hufford Health Coach