E28 Intuitive Energy Healer Elysia Skye

In this episode Sheila talks to Elysia Skye, a medical intuitive and energy healer who discusses energy healing, how to tap into your intuition when it comes to your health and wellness, and imparts a basic lesson in Chakras – the colors, where they are in the body, and what they represent. At a very young age, Elysia learned to read, balance and shift energy. When she was 24, Elysia diagnosed her own stage-3 breast cancer, and when her doctor dismissed it, she scheduled and paid for her own biopsy, which confirmed her diagnosis and saved her life.  In 2012, she began teaching meditation and mindfulness to teens and young adults as a method of disease prevention and has since gone on to educate the corporate world about the powerful effects of mindfulness in the workplace. Many of her high profile clients seek her guidance on daily mindfulness and meditation techniques to handle their busy lifestyle.  Along with her meditation and mindfulness teaching, Elysia is an internationally certified life and wellness coach and a non-demoninational minister who has performed over 1,000 weddings.  

Instagram: @elysiaskye

Intuitive Energy Healer Elysia Skye