E55 “Rise Together” Jordan Rothstein Making Waves as a Young Entrepreneur

In this episode we discuss how young entrepreneurs are paving the way to a new definition of corporate culture. Sheila’s guest is Jordan Rothstein, the CEO & Founder of King Tide, an award-winning Digital Product Development company with offices in Los Angeles and Mexico City. King Tide partners with early-stage entrepreneurs to help them take their idea to market through a highly collaborative workshop model.  Jordan is responsible for the overall direction and tone of the company, as well as the day-to-day execution of both the creative and technical sectors.  An advocate of democratic leadership, he maintains a high-energy workspace and a company culture that promotes creative exploration, innovation, and collaboration. Jordan discusses his journey of becoming an entrepreneur from his college days throughout his 20’s, and how life experiences and challenges lead him to a spiritual awakening and choosing a sober lifestyle.

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