E64 Yoga Nidra: Heavenly Sleep to Wake Up Your Life! Dr. Hanna Chusid

Sheila’s guest is Yoga Nidra expert, Dr. Hanna Chusid.  Among her many years of experience and credentials she is a licensed psychologist, a mindfulness and meditation educator, a yoga therapist and teacher and a somatic healer.  Dr. Chusid magically weaves all of her experience and education together into her healing and therapy and provides clients with sessions tailored to assist with their specific needs, however she calls the practice of Yoga Nidra “the gemstone” of all of these and considers it to be the “medicine of our time.”  Scientifically proven to affect our biochemical and neurological systems, some of the benefits of Yoga Nidra include deep rejuvenating rest, improved sleep, increased emotional balance and regulation, energy and clarity for effortless right action, healing of trauma and daily stress, expanded and focused creativity, improved immunity, relaxation, intuition and reduced pain, anxiety and depression.  The best part about Yoga Nidra is that it has no learning curve, and requires no prior experience.  You can simply attend a session with an experienced practitioner, bring your yoga mat, blankets and pillow, lie down and relax through it, and reap the benefits. Deceptively simply, yet the effects are profound! Give it a try!



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Dr. Hanna Chusid