E66 Psychic Healing Superhero Garz Chan on Chinese Energy Healing

In this episode we discuss Chinese Energy Healing with our guest Garz Chan. Garz is a Chinese Energy Healing practitioner who works privately with individuals and teaches workshops as well.  Garz believes in magic and miracles and her purpose is assisting others in living their potential and divine purpose, and her world vision is a planet full of psychic healing superheroes! 

Chinese Energy Healing, also viewed as Subconscious Hacking, removes hidden issues, traumas, and patterns from the subconscious mind, the central nervous system, the 7 subtle bodies, chakras and all 12 systems of the body so one can live their life with ease and manifest the relationships, career, abundance and joy they desire.

In addition to her Energy Healing practice, Garz is also certified in Kundalini Yoga,  DNA Theta healing, Aroma Touch, Quantum Touch therapy, Innergetics, 5th dimensional quantum healing, Akashic Records, Pranic healing, The Emotion Code, and is a Master Integrated Energy Therapist and NLP practitioner. She has studied psychic mediumship with notable teachers including Lisa Williams, Tony Stockwell, Thomas John, Medium Fleur and Colby Rebel and has completed a course in Astral Travel at the International Academy of Consciousness.  

For private sessions, please visit www.chineseenergyhealing.com 

For workshops, please visit www.alchemistsartshealing.com 

Garz_Chan Chinese Energy Healer on Sound Mind & Body