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E41 The Woo-Woo Magic of Pilates

Come along with Sheila as she goes on a Pilates Retreat and discovers the woo-woo magic of Pilates. Held at the Lakehouse Hotel and Resort in San Marcos, CA, the retreat was hosted by Pilates teachers Melissa Greenwood, Daniela Caesar-Roden and Monica Schuller and brings together women from 5 different decades of life -- 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.

The atmosphere was just like being back at summer camp at a lakeside resort, having a sleepover with a group of girls and the weekend was filled with Pilates, yoga, wine, conversation, hot tubs in the rain and even s’mores! The teachers and some retreaters share their unique stories of how they got into Pilates as well as their most woo-woo moments. Special thanks to retreaters to shared their stories; Rebecca Barnes, Rebecca Dayanim, Shirin Akbarpour, Channing Dungey and Marci Kamashian.

Get in touch with these amazing Pilates Teachers on Instagram:
@mrg317 -  Melissa Greenwood  - Daniela Caesar-Roden
@monica.schuller - Monica Schuller

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