E24 Generation Zapped! Health Risks and Solutions to EMF Exposure with Dr. Sherrill Sellman

Sheila’s guest is Dr. Sherrill Sellman; a naturopathic doctor, author, and international lecturer who talks about the health risks of exposure to Electro Magnetic Frequencies – or EMF’s. Like cigarettes and the toxic chemicals before it, emerging science is revealing the concerning reality that some people may suffer health impacts from radiation from wireless devices. Although these frequencies are invisible to us, they surround us on a daily basis through use of cell phones, ipads, computers, wifi, blu tooth technology, smart meters – it’s endless. And it’s only growing as 5G technology is rolling out everywhere. Dr. Sellman discusses how our devices and technology are affecting our health, and what we can do to protect ourselves by changing how we interact with our wi-fi world from using proprietary technology that works with our devices, turning our cell phones on airplane mode and turning off our wifi routers at night, to hard wiring our computers again. Sheila and Dr. Sherrill promote the important documentary GENERATION ZAPPED, a powerfully moving and thought-provoking documentary, daring to shine light on this invisible inconvenience, and empowering audiences to understand how to reduce their exposure to protect themselves and their families. This episode is a MUST LISTEN for everyone, and especially for those who have children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews or any young people in their lives because they are the one’s who will be the most impacted.
Generation Zapped Trailer:

Dr. Sherrill Sellman