E25 Losing It with Viking Health Dr. Christian Middelthon

“I strive to deliver excellence in quality healthcare, by listening to, and discussing the concerns of each patient as an individual. This allows me, to create a much needed, and trusted Doctor - Patient relationship, aimed at the well-being of my patients.” ~ Dr. Christian Middelthon

Sheila interviews Weight Loss expert and Chiropractor Dr. Christian Middelthon of Viking Health. Dr. M, as he is known to all his patients, describes his very entertaining and inspiring life journey from growing up in Norway, to joining the Viking Special Forces as a young man, to walking the runway for Versace and Valentino as a high fashion Model in Paris, to Chiropractic school, to his part as a Gay Nordic Alien in the film “Dude, Where’s My Car?” to where he is now – a highly successful weight loss and health coach. Dr. M brings his interesting personality to the very personalized care he gives his patients from healing and helping them with chiropractic issues to changing lives through his Viking Health Weight Loss program. Dr. M finds that it is often just guiding the patient through their fear that finally helps them to achieve their weight loss, health and wellness goals and maintain it. His work is life changing and he feels he gets just as much from each of his patients as he gives them.

Dr. Christian Middelthon