E26 Fierce, Fit and Fabulous Sadie Nardini

Sheila’s guest is wellness expert Sadie Nardini, a lifelong yogi and anatomy expert who enjoys bringing holistic fitness and fierceness to a massive audience.  Sadie is one of the world’s bestselling independent online wellness and fitness course creators.  She is the Founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga and Creator of the Yoga Shred, a yoga and HIIT fusion style. As a teen, Sadie's neck was broken in 3 places and she was partially paralyzed for 2 years. Doctors doubted if she would walk again.  She fought back for the next decade, working her way into movement that was supposed to be impossible. Instead of investing in a wheelchair as she was encouraged to do by physicians, she invested in yoga, a whole food diet, and mind-centering techniques to create a miracle.  Now she teaches others to transform into their most possible selves too -- to "rock who you are" from the ground up, and the inside out. Through experience, Sadie realizes that giving out until you burn out is no longer an option if you want to stay sane, energized and creative. Today she invites you to work smarter, not harder on all levels. Sadie’s main intention is to make fitness, healthy lifestyle, financial success and Self-centering simple, fun, engaging and clear, so you can take charge of designing your own future, starting today.

Sadie Nardini- Yoga Shred