E52 Blake Beltram Talks Mindfulness and Nervous Breakthroughs at BOLD 2018

Sheila attends the MindBody BOLD conference in San Diego and touches base with former guest, Co-Founder and Evangelist of MindBody, Blake Beltram.

MindBody is one of our favorite “conscious companies” in the world!  Sheila uses their software to manage her strength training studio (www.informfitnessla.com).  MindBody’s biggest event is the BOLD conference, where they bring together thousands of wellness and beauty companies from around the world to learn, play and inspire.  Sheila and her lead trainer Ann Kirkland (Ep. 11) have attended BOLD for the past 3 years and each year it gets better, they meet amazing people, have a great time, and come back inspired to continue to do their part for the Wellness Revolution!  Each year there are amazing speakers as well – the first year it was Deepak Chopra, last year Ariana Huffington and Magic Johnson, and this year – Michelle Obama!

Blake Beltram kicked-off the conference this year and gave an incredibly heart-felt, emotional, and inspiring talk.  Sheila had a chance to sit down with him and have a one-on-one later that day and discuss a recent “dark night of the soul” he experienced, which he calls a “nervous breakthrough”, his 12 year old daughter meeting and introducing Michelle Obama at the conference, and his latest vision – the MindBody Mindfulness Tour. 

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