E51 Ancient Mayan Healing Therapy with Dr. Suzanne Schiller

In this episode, Sheila speaks to Dr. Suzanne Schiller, a Holistic Chiropractor who specializes in women’s wellness and uses a method called Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy, or ATMAT.  ATMAT is founded on ancient Mayan techniques of abdominal massage, which increases circulation of blood, lymph, nerve, hormone and energy within your belly, whole body and energy system. It also teaches you daily self-care tools so you can stay healthy and vital.

As a life-long investigator, Suzanne has explored meditation practices since the age of 5, spent decades honing her intuition by reading energy patterns in herself and others, and adventured deep into healing frontiers of movement, somatic arts, and ritual. 

She is a true holistic energy healer and this extremely powerful therapy is only one of the healing methods Suzanne uses in her practice.  Sheila also describes working with Suzanne in an energy healing session and the profound insights that came from the therapy. 

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