E58 “NahNah Says” Lessons from a Lifelong Role Model

In this very special episode, Sheila introduces one of her lifelong role models, Nancy Davidson – aka NahNah. Sheila met Nancy when she was about 24 years old, and was immediately impressed with her optimistic attitude, beauty and style. Nancy is Sheila’s son Michael’s grandmother – thus she is known as NahNah. Throughout the years Nancy has been a role model for healthy, beauty and fitness and has been imparting her knowledge and wisdom to her family and loved ones – which eventually turned into the phrase – “NahNah Says”. NahNah talks to Sheila about her early years when she worked on Park Avenue in New York City as a Dennison Copy girl and didn’t know about healthy eating, how she was introduced to nutrition and wellness by her mentor, Ruth Jarrett, and how that transformed her life forever. She shares some of her top recommendations including Swedish Bitters, juice fasting, a great exercise that only involves breathing called Oxycise, and even coffee enemas! NahNah has much more to say and we will be sharing her tips and tricks in future “NahNah Says” posts.

Swedish Bitters 
The Gerson Therapy
How to Prepare a Coffee Enema 

Nancy_Davidson aka NahNah