E68 Dharma Love: Discover Your Life Purpose

It's all about energy!  Through the course of doing this podcast, I have become more and more aware of energy.  The energy that surrounds us every day – the energy of our thoughts, words and actions – the energy of others – the energy of nature.  I have also become more aware of how to tap into that energy – through meditation, breathwork, sounds and movement. Also, by learning about ancient healing practices and chakras, mantras and ceremonies. As I gain this knowledge, I realize that I have so much more to learn and there are many paths to achieve what we define as success, or fulfillment in life, and that definition is constantly evolving.

This is why I’m so very excited to introduce you to Dharma Love.  Dharma is a healer, or as she puts it – a “helper”  – it is not what she does, it is who she is and her mission is to help others have the most authentic relationship with themselves – to help them to awaken their own gifts.  Dharma believes these powers have always been a part of us, and that they stay dormant until one is ready to acknowledge them and make these unique powers part of every day life.  If you feel you’re ready for a vibrational change that will translate to the discovery of your life purpose, then I cannot wait for you to meet this beautiful being.  


Instagram:  @iamdharmalove


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