E49 Transform Your Life with Eidetic Image Psychology – Wendy Yellen

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Get the Kleenex ready!  In this highly emotional and personal episode, Sheila is taken through a personal example of the deep and powerful therapy called Eidetic Imagery, by her guest, Wendy Yellen, one of the Top 3 transformational experts in the field of Eidetic Image Psychology. An eidetic image is a type of vivid mental image, not necessarily… Read More ›

E48 Aura Glow Chakra Soul Journey with Michele Harper of Metaphysica Spa

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In this episode we’re talking about the healing through beauty treatments.  Many of us have had facials – always relaxing and pampering and you leave there feeling like you just did something nice for yourself.  Well, how about going on an Aura Glow Chakra Soul Journey during your facial?  Yes Please! Sheila’s guest is Michele… Read More ›

Ian Morris

E44 Sound and Frequency Healing with Ian Morris of Listening to Smile

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Sheila’s guest is Ian Morris, a multi-instrumentalist, poet, artist, intuitive healer and the founder of Listening to Smile – a unique sound wellness and healing modality based around sacred concepts of sound and vibration. Ian Morris began his personal journey with the wellness and healing potentials of sound and specific frequencies while working with Homemade… Read More ›

E35 Tristan Gatto says “Own Your Badassery”

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Tristan Gatto is a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant, Core Strength Vinyasa Master Trainer with Sadie Nardini, founder of Yoga Shred for Men, and writer/model for Beyogi Online Yoga Magazine.  With a close focus on anatomical movement, proper alignment, and safe therapeutic practice, Tristan is also know for his upbeat and high energy classes with killer playlists, in… Read More ›