E54 The Zen of Autism: Tamara Mark’s Spiritual Journey as a Mother of Two Autistic Boys

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In this episode, Sheila speaks to Tamara Mark, an extraordinary woman who is the mother of two severely autistic boys.  Tamara’s life story is inspiring.  She is an accomplished Broadway actress and dancer who started her career touring with the first International Company of “A Chorus Line”, and has worked with THE top theatrical directors… Read More ›

E52 Blake Beltram Talks Mindfulness and Nervous Breakthroughs at BOLD 2018

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Sheila attends the MindBody BOLD conference in San Diego and touches base with former guest, Co-Founder and Evangelist of MindBody, Blake Beltram. MindBody is one of our favorite “conscious companies” in the world!  Sheila uses their software to manage her strength training studio (www.informfitnessla.com).  MindBody’s biggest event is the BOLD conference, where they bring together… Read More ›

E51 Ancient Mayan Healing Therapy with Dr. Suzanne Schiller

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In this episode, Sheila speaks to Dr. Suzanne Schiller, a Holistic Chiropractor who specializes in women’s wellness and uses a method called Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy, or ATMAT.  ATMAT is founded on ancient Mayan techniques of abdominal massage, which increases circulation of blood, lymph, nerve, hormone and energy within your belly, whole body… Read More ›

E49 Transform Your Life with Eidetic Image Psychology – Wendy Yellen

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Get the Kleenex ready!  In this highly emotional and personal episode, Sheila is taken through a personal example of the deep and powerful therapy called Eidetic Imagery, by her guest, Wendy Yellen, one of the Top 3 transformational experts in the field of Eidetic Image Psychology. An eidetic image is a type of vivid mental image, not necessarily… Read More ›